Funeral Music

Music at Funerals

On behalf of the Music Ministry at Guardian Angel Cathedral, we want to extend our deepest condolences to you and your family. To help ease the pain and burden, our ministry has provided you with the information necessary to plan the music for your loved one’s funeral. Please be assured of our community’s continued prayers for you, your family and friends, and your loved one.

Song Selections

To streamline the process for you, we have transitioned to collecting song choices online. If you have already contacted the Cathedral Office to schedule a funeral, please click the green button.

If you have not yet contacted the Cathedral Office, please stop here. You must contact the Cathedral office before selecting songs.

Please keep in mind that as is the case with all Eucharistic celebrations, music for liturgy must be sacred in nature. Because of this, the use of secular music during Mass regardless of the occasion is strictly forbidden by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Yes, I have contacted the Cathedral Office and spoke with someone about scheduling my loved one’s funeral liturgy.

No, I have not contacted the Cathedral Office and spoke with someone about scheduling my loved one’s funeral liturgy.


When you schedule a funeral liturgy with the Cathedral Office, an organist/keyboardist and cantor (singer) will be assigned to the funeral liturgy by the Director of Music. These musicians are professional members of our music/diocesan staff. Our Cathedral’s musicians hold degrees from some of the nation’s top music programs and have experience beyond church music performing with symphony orchestras, strip headliners, and touring Broadway companies. In some extreme cases, professional musicians from other diocesan parishes may be used at a funeral liturgy.

Due to the extra sanitizing that is happening now because of  COVID-19, and limiting the number of people in contact with our musical equipment, we are not able to accommodate ANY requests for outside musicians at this time. 

This policy has been implemented to ensure that attention to liturgy is strictly adhered to, and because, in our experience, loved ones are often overcome with grief while providing music at funerals.