Cathedral Choir and Diocesan Festival Chorus

Background Information

As the Cathedral parish for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas, Guardian Angel Cathedral is currently gauging interest in a volunteer Cathedral Choir and Diocesan Festival Chorus for various parish and diocesan liturgies.

The Catholic Church’s Constitution on Sacred Liturgy stipulates that choirs are to be “diligently promoted, especially in cathedral churches” (§114).

Over the past several years with COVID, Guardian Angel has relied heavily on our cantors, small choirs of our cantors, and, most recently, a pick-up diocesan Filipino Choir for the 2022 Simbang Gabi Mass.

The Cathedral is currently soliciting interest in forming a volunteer diocesan Cathedral choir. This choir will focus on learning the music already in the “style” presently employed in the Cathedral. Our Filipino pick-up choir was a huge success and will be continuing on, too.

Participation is open to anyone residing within the Diocese of Las Vegas that successfully completes the diocesan onboarding process for volunteers and meets the musical requirements outlined on our website. The diocesan onboarding process consists of an application, fingerprinting, and successful completion of a background check.

Interested persons that already volunteer at another parish in the diocese will not need to undergo a second round of fingerprinting and application pending confirmation from the individual’s home parish that verifies the individual is “in good standing.”

Membership Requirements

  • Age requirement: High school freshmen and up.
  • Ability to complete (or provide proof of already completed) diocesan onboarding process including an application, CMG youth protection class, fingerprinting, and successful completion of a background check.
    • Minors (17 years of age and younger) are exempt from the fingerprinting process but must complete this at their 18th birthday.
  • Established musical ability and/or strong desire to learn and grow in service to the Church as a musician.
  • Commitment to actively participate in rehearsals, liturgies, and performances.

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