COVID-19 Information

In accordance with the latest CDC recommendations and Governor Sisolak’s July 27, 2021, Emergency Directive No. 47 (“Directive 47”), the Diocesan Restoration Advisory Council and Bishop Thomas direct that the following protocols are to be implemented effective July 31, 2021:


• As mandated by Governor Sisolak’s Directive 47, mask use is now required by all individuals regardless of vaccination status who enter any Diocesan facility. This includes, but is not limited to: Mass, Weddings, Baptisms, etc.

However, pursuant to Directive 47, mask use: . . . does not apply to participants in certain activities or events, including but not limited to: athletes, performers, or musicians, to the extent other directives set forth less restrictive face-covering requirements for those participants.

Accordingly, unless actively participating in those certain activities or events, face masks are now required at all times (unless working alone in an independent office or separated cubicle).

Given that recent CDC guidance has been changing rather rapidly, please note that the re-implementation of the mask mandate is the only adjustment being made at this time

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